Really Real

For those of you who have been to our hotel, you know about how amazing the view is from here.

I love having all this air around me – all this space to breathe.

The minute something starts to go awry, I find myself looking around, and thinking that I cannot possibly feel too upset because of the sheer beauty of the rolling green hills, the soft breeze and the ginger flowers surrounding me.

Now don’t get me wrong – it’s not all hummingbirds and waterfalls all the time, but I think that living closer to nature has had a really positive effect on me.

There is space to think. Sometimes I catch myself entranced by the ocean staring at the waves crashing,  or watching a hawk glide on the air currents and it’s sort of like meditating without even having to try to shut off my brain – which in turn feels a lot more natural than sitting in a dark room trying not to think.

Life feels real here.
There is this feeling I get, it’s a heightened energy.
I don’t know why it feels more real here than it did in Canada.
Maybe if I lived out in the country in Canada it would have felt more real…
I hope to put some more thought into this.
But it feels good.



I’ve always liked the word ocho – as in “Ocho cervezas por favor.” It is a number I always have identified with – my birthday is the 8th, and I like how if you flip it sideways it becomes ∞ . I like the concept; I like infinity pools too.

This is the very first post of my new blog, and beginnings are always the most difficult but also the most wonderful places to be. When I left Canada to move to Costa Rica, I felt the same way – terrified at the big change in front of me, but also so light and free. I lived in the Toronto area for all of my life, and though I have traveled, I really thought it was time that I experienced something wholly new. I got rid of my job, my stuff, my apartment. As I make my way along this new path I’ve carved out, I would like to write this blog to help me make sense of it. It doesn’t matter if you read it; but if I have any possibility of an audience I am more likely to put some effort into it. It could take on any number of manifestations, but as of right now this blog is meant to be both a space to vent and to wonder, a place to scrutinize myself in this new culture, and as a journal as I find my way along the twists and turns of this new life.

As cheesy as it sounds I want very much to live my own version of “Pura Vida”. When I left Canada I felt like I was also leaving behind all of these constructed versions of who I am and what I should be; Here in Costa Rica I feel like I am stripped down to what feels like the closest I’ve been to my truest form. I’m constantly challenged – and I think I really needed that. I look forward to every day because I have woken up in this new culture where everything is new and exciting and mouth-wateringly fresh and I can approach my life with a bright, new  point of view.

I want to share with you what a slice of home-grown pineapple tastes like, express the feeling of driving along beside the ocean with the windows down and the merengue blaring from the car stereo.  I want to tell you what is amazing and annoying about the guests that stay here, and to understand what my role here is, and how I relate to others who I encounter.

So here we go. Save a beer or two for the journey back. Put a little lime in there. Because the costa rice and beans is nothin’. And I ain’t gonna tell ya more than 8 times…