La Boda

I am getting married in 113 days.

To you that may seem like a long time from now, but I assure you to me it is not. Actually the ticking clock in the back of my head has grown rather loud lately, and so I decided to get back to writing my blog and chronicle a bit of the process of getting married here in Costa Rica.

I run a small hotel in Jacó, Costa Rica, though I’m originally from Canada. I have been with my partner in crime for over 16 years – in fact we are highschool sweethearts – and we already have a 2 year old son who was born here (see my posts about Having a baby in Costa Rica and Preparing to have a baby in Costa Rica ). So it surprises many when we tell them that we are not already married. Well, there are a few reasons for that. First, we just kind of never got around to it. When you’ve been with the same person for all of your adult (and part of your teenage) life, it is easy to put getting married on the back burner. We had so many other things we wanted to do. We opened a record store, went to university and college, and then went back to school to study other things. We wanted to travel as much as possible. And weddings are damn expensive, especially in a big city like Toronto Canada, where we’re from.

The wedding industry is a complex, multi-billion dollar a year business, and even if you want something simple it is pretty hard to avoid paying thousands and thousands of dollars for just one day. A good friend of mine did hers DIY to a tee, and still spent over $10,000. They say the average wedding now costs around $30,000 which is crazy to me – I look at that kind of money and think “downpayment on a house” not “one special day”.

So why even get married at this point? I too have mulled this over many times. And maybe it isn’t the smartest thing to do. Though we have found the cost of getting married here in Costa Rica is significantly less (which we’ll get in to in more detail in the following posts), there are still thousands of dollars to be spent.

But we deserve this. I look at us and think: wow – look at how much we’ve been through together, how many times we could have given up but worked at it to keep going. I think this is a good reason to get married. I think there are so many people who rush into marriage without truly knowing who that person is at their best and worst. We know that and we make each other better. That is a good reason to get married. We are each other’s best friends, we are learning and growing together, and we make each other laugh. Really I could go on and on….and I just really love weddings.

A big part of it is I can’t wait to celebrate with all my best friends and family, here in our new home, to show them why we’re here, and to extend our relationship to include those vows. Plus I think it will be pretty special for our son to see his parents get married.

Anyway, I’ve gotten my head in the clouds too quickly. My idea of writing this stuff down in my blog was to get my feet on the ground and get cracking on some of the important things that need to get done. Only 113 days!

So in the following posts you can expect to hear about:

Getting overwhelmed on Pinterest and wedding blogs

Finding a wedding dress that I don’t hate

Dealing with venues: important questions to ask (and take notes about!)

Being your own wedding planner (the pro’s and con’s of frugal brides)

DIY’s – we are making napkins, table runners, table number pineapples, marquee sign etc..

Getting the proper paper work in order for your legal marriage

Getting in shape for the big day (ie: fitting into that dress!)


So join me on this journey toward wedded bliss – or bridezilla nightmare – whatever may come.

Qué será, será.