The Pura Vida Project

We just got back from Canada and have landed back into our lives in Costa Rica.
I think being away from your day to day life, and being somewhat back in the life that you had before in another place gives you a lot of perspective – something I’ve been needing lately.

Today, coming back to the warmth, to the humid air, the plants, the sun, the water, the beautiful smells, the lack of concrete, the spanish language floating over airwaves while people double-riding bikes and ladies smiling on the side of the road distill for me the lifestyle I have chosen. Pura Vida is a thing here. It’s not just a cheesy tourist phrase.

I moved here with the intention of paring down, simplifying, and in the process, searching for my true path, passion, and self. I have made some big changes in this beautiful country, but I need to make some more, to challenge myself and to feel more present and mindful in each and every day. I need spirituality. I need artistic expression. I need to improve my languages and interactionas with the people I meet.

I need to cook as it is a great passion of mine, and give it my full attention with planning and organizing. Today I got to go to the feria, to fill my basket with delicious fruits and veggies, to see my old friends (and recieve awesome gifts) and to nod at those who are always there, but whom I haven’t yet gotten to know. I want to get to know my town better, to become involved and to help do good here in some way. I know I can find it, I just need to make some connections, some friends.

I want to become reliant on myself for as much as I can. To take responsibility and to become more disciplined in taking care of my body (food – excercise – mind – personal time)
and make a commitment to love myself each day. I want to do yoga, and to join a class and make it a daily practice.

I want to be a Conscious Parent, to be connected to my son and to take care of him both physically and mentally as best I can. I want to enjoy my time with him, to prioritize him and give him my full attention. I want to learn as much as I can about myself, looking to him as a mirror and being cognizant of my issues.

I want to do as good a job as I can in the office and with guests here at the hotel. I want to get one important thing done each day, no matter how slow it is. In the high season, I want to be everywhere and anywhere I am needed. I want to communincate with the guests and with our staff on a more fluid level.

I want to live the life that I have dreamed. I know it’s only a few short steps away, I feel that some days I am already there. I just need to be more confident and trusting, less sorry for myself, that I am busy or stressed.

My body has the power of the universe inside. Everyday is important. It is time for me to use that power to transoform my mind and live the Pure Life I was meant to have.


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