Really Real

For those of you who have been to our hotel, you know about how amazing the view is from here.

I love having all this air around me – all this space to breathe.

The minute something starts to go awry, I find myself looking around, and thinking that I cannot possibly feel too upset because of the sheer beauty of the rolling green hills, the soft breeze and the ginger flowers surrounding me.

Now don’t get me wrong – it’s not all hummingbirds and waterfalls all the time, but I think that living closer to nature has had a really positive effect on me.

There is space to think. Sometimes I catch myself entranced by the ocean staring at the waves crashing,  or watching a hawk glide on the air currents and it’s sort of like meditating without even having to try to shut off my brain – which in turn feels a lot more natural than sitting in a dark room trying not to think.

Life feels real here.
There is this feeling I get, it’s a heightened energy.
I don’t know why it feels more real here than it did in Canada.
Maybe if I lived out in the country in Canada it would have felt more real…
I hope to put some more thought into this.
But it feels good.


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